Welcome to Revive Naturopathic & Yoga Wellness

Revive is set in the surroundings of a tranquil, tropical rainforest, dedicated for your wellness and healing, giving you space to breath and unwind.

Return to nature while enjoying one of the small personalised yoga classes. Or create a positive lifestyle change through a naturopathic consultation targeted especially for your health, join a wellness program, or gain insightful information through a nutrition evaluation.

Revive offers individual consultations for acute or chronic conditions and health programs, combining science & nature to restore health and improve vitality. Regular weekly hatha yoga classes & private classes are offered, giving  you the opportunity to provide nourishment to every part of your being.

Alison has created a space that is unique, taking only small yoga classes for your personalised care, providing a relaxed environment for your consultations that are dedicated to improve your wellbeing.  She is a  experienced Naturopathic Practitioner, Yoga teacher, and health writer with over 15 years experience, who is passionate about your health and wellbeing, with a vision for the future, promoting healthy nurition, preventative medicine and enviromental sustainability.

Helping you to:

  • Nourish – your body & soul
  • Restore – your health & wellbeing
  • Energise – your vitality & revitalise

Take care of yourself!


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Bonus Offer

Listen to a FREE 10 minute Savasana Relaxation below

Savasana is a form of relaxation, which allows you to go within and experience stillness and a sense of peace. It soothes the nerves, releases tension, calms the mind and brings the body into balance.

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