My Naturopathic Journey


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

  • Diploma in Nutrition & Diploma in Herbal Medicine


Let me introduce myself, my name is Alison and this is the short version of my journey to health and wellness.

I grew up on a small farm, where our food was mostly grown or bred. I didn’t know that this was a healthy lifestyle at the time; as for me, this was perfectly normal. Takeaways and processed foods were not a part of my diet and my mother’s baking and cooking was part of the daily routine. So as I grew up,  cooking, fresh ingredients and a balanced healthy lifestyle became the basis of my life. Hence, my passion and exploration of  health has been with me for a very long time.

My enquiry into being a Naturopath started not long after I entered the work force, however it was a profession at that time, that I found difficult to gather enough information about. So my brochures & enquiries lay deep in treasure box, whilst I took on other professions. This was until about 18 years ago when they resurfaced and ignited the passion that was always there, engaging me to study and take on a degree in Health Science (Naturopathy).

Firstly, whilst I was studying I worked for a health wholesale distributing company as their Practitioner Sales & Support Manager. Then I moved on to a smaller home-based business after the birth of my child and later worked supporting another wholesale health company, gathering loads of experience and information along the way.

I now operate Revive Naturopathic & Yoga Wellness and I am dedicated to assisting people to integrate health and wellness into their lives, supporting you to fill your dreams and live your life to the fullest.

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit.  – B.K.S. Iyengar

I believe that a high standard of health care is important, providing support for men, women, children and babies. Addressing illnesses and injuries, through various approaches, incorporating naturopathic principles, herbal and nutritional medicine, flower essences, iridology, dietary and lifestyle advice, using an integrated and holistic approach to restore balance; while working together to develop a strong understanding of each person as a whole.

I am certain that education is one of the main keys to preventing disease, restoring health and maintaining wellness. So I ensure that you are fully aware of the background of any of your illnesses, answer questions thoroughly and provide a guided treatment plan. Having a vision for your future, wellness programs are available to ensure ongoing optimal health.

I have a special interest in general naturopathic medicine. However, I have broadened my studies towards hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders and natural sports medicine.

Looking forward to you working with you to nourish your gift of health.

Yours in Health,


Alison has created a very sacred place in which to come, relax and be guided. Alison is very gifted at her work both as naturopath and yoga teacher.

Tanya Freyling